St. Peter’s on-the-Rock

Anglican Church


The parish of St. Peter's on the Rock in Kirkland Lake shares the vision of the rest of the Diocese of Moosonee: we want to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ while being good servants in our communities. Our parish is a true family of God but in no way are we "Holier Than Thou". We are like you. Community people who know their need for God's Grace and Love. We want to share this good news with everyone. Christians are mindful of their imperfections so we seek healing in Christ. Christ  always moves us closer to His likeness as we take part in the refreshing act of Holy Communion week by week.


        People today are looking for a Church which can help them in their daily struggles; a place that is here, not to tell people what to do, but to ask, "How can we help?". Join us for worship whether it is Sundays at 10am , Wednesdays at 11am, or special services at other times. It won't take long to get to know us. We have special youth activities, study groups, fellowship, and parish meals.


  There is a place for you at St. Peter's.

                                                                    Catherine A. Murkin



            Contact us:
       7 Kirkland Street, Kirkland Lake, ON
       Tel. 705-567-5522

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